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  • The Rex for lunch

    The Rex for lunch

    When Ben Baird, formerly chef-owner of the Urban Pear, turned away from the daily grind of restaurant running to the fun of the daily drive with a new food truck endeavour (Streat Gourmet), he promoted his sous chef Cody Starr to restaurant chef and left him in charge of running the UP kitchen. And then […]

  • Bibimbap Beaut

    Bibimbap Beaut

    There’s something about the comforting smell of sesame oil …  whenever I catch a whiff, I find myself longing for Korean food, for stone pot bibimbap. Heck, just saying ‘bibimbap’ puts me in a fine mood — and for those wonderful Korean side dishes, banchan, that come out as prelude to the main event. The Korean restaurant Alirang has […]

  • A Fish-Friday Sammich

    A Fish-Friday Sammich

    Growing up, Fridays were fish nights in my family.  Lots of you may also have grown up with this culinary custom, centred on the Lenten belief in atonement and privation.  I guess the thinking was that meat was a treat, and since no treats were allowed during Lent, or on Fridays during Lent, or – […]

  • Nectar Fine Teas

    A digital timer arrives with tea. It’s the only jarring ingredient at a Nectar lunch. But once it dings – three minutes, forty three and a half seconds later (give or take) – indicating that the ideal steeping time for that particular brew has been met and you then dutifully remove the pouch of leaves from the edge of the white pot and place the soggy brown bulge on the waiting saucer (which is then scurried away), there remains not a thing about lunch at Nectar to ruffle a feather.

  • Lunch at Canvas

    WEEKLY LUNCH PICK: Canvas for Ottawa Magazine, March 19, 2012 It had been my plan to eat Vietnamese for this weekly lunch report. But after navigating the crusty banks of blackening snow in Chinatown, finding a spot to park, then walking the three blocks to the noodle house I had targeted, I was met with […]

  • Take Away Lunch at Juniper

    Weekly Lunch Pick published in OttawaMagazine.com, March 5, 2012 Juniper Kitchen / Wine Bar Take-Out Lunch I began with dessert. No one was looking – it was just me, at my desk, alone with my Juniper Take Out Lunch, in a mood to be naughty. Nestled in one of the three burrows of a black […]

  • Lunch at Fleur de Sel

    In 2008, the pescatarian restaurant Fleur de Sel teamed up with the crêpe restaurant L’Argöat, the latter moving out of its upper floor space on rue Laval and into Fleur de Sel’s red brick a few doors away.  The resulting merger then became known as (ta da!!) “Fleur de Sel et L’Argöat,” complete with a […]