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  • La Cabaña

    La Cabaña

    La Cabaña was my salvation for a dozen happy years – the family go-to restaurant for fast/filling/flavourful for a van load of teenage boys en route to the field/gym/arena. We’d usually call ahead and place an order. By the time the minivan pulled up to 848 Merivale Road, our pupusas had been fried up and […]

  • Brampton Meats has legs

    Brampton Meats has legs

    It’s called Brampton Meats because the two families that own this new business are recent transplants from the city of Brampton — wooed here by Ottawa friends, I was told, and to escape the glut of competition they felt from the suburban GTA. I rather stumbled upon this place when gassing up. I was hungry, […]

  • Lunch at Oyster Bay

    Lunch at Oyster Bay

    Who knew a first rate clam chowder could be found at a sushi joint on Merivale? I had come here for the (new-to-me) Oyster Bay Restaurant’s (new to them) lunch service. My plan was to check out the sashimi/sushi combo platter at this Japanese replacement for the long running MHK Sushi and Asian Fusion Restaurant. […]

  • Ceylonta’s lunch buffet

    Ceylonta’s lunch buffet

    I’ve eaten quality dinners in this little yellow house with the neon palm tree jutting out of the snow, but had never considered it for lunch. That is, until I played hooky and went to the movies. A matinee. By myself. And for what I figure would have been the price of a small popcorn and a […]