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  • Das Lokal

    Das Lokal

    There’s a woman’s touch at work here, at the new Das Lokal in Lowertown. Much thoughtfulness and whimsy in the decor. There’s also very little of the KFC this Dalhousie Street building used to be. A pale yellow piano occupies one wall. Giant red plastic pendants light up the bar, and pillar candles line all the ledges. […]

  • Christmas lunch at The Albion Rooms

    Well here’s a festive dish. Called “House Pasta” — beetroot stained fettuccine cooked right to firm, clinging to a pistachio pesto, further greened with parsley leaves, blobbed white with chevre, and slick with a pepita and pistachio oil. In addition to looking good, it had a vibrant flavour. The only thing missing was the gold […]

  • Bibimbap Beaut

    Bibimbap Beaut

    There’s something about the comforting smell of sesame oil …  whenever I catch a whiff, I find myself longing for Korean food, for stone pot bibimbap. Heck, just saying ‘bibimbap’ puts me in a fine mood — and for those wonderful Korean side dishes, banchan, that come out as prelude to the main event. The Korean restaurant Alirang has […]