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  • Bar Laurel set to open… soon

    Bar Laurel set to open… soon

    Or “in less than two years” anyway, as the window says – a self deprecating reference to the two plus years it took to birth its big brother. Any of you who recall the excruciating pains of chef Jon Svazas’ first restaurant’s genesis might have cause for some skepticism. Whenever it opens, we wish the […]

  • Holland’s Cake & Shake

    Holland’s Cake & Shake

    Tucking into the brown bag lunch at Holland’s Cake and Shake was like a chomp back to childhood, to the days when summer sandwiches came with a side of Humpty Dumpties. I’d pry open the sandwich — any sandwich, PB&J, bologna and ketchup, ham and cheese — and insert the chips. It drove my Manners […]

  • Lunch at Teatro

    Lunch at Teatro

    It’s been a long time coming, but the little café space on the ground level of the Great Canadian Theatre Company seems to have grown and found its groove. This based merely on lunch, mind you, but it was a good one. Mook Sutton is the chef at Teatro Café. New to Ottawa, Sutton is […]