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  • Back to Ben Ben

    Back to Ben Ben

    I squeezed in under the wire: 2:45pm — still time to snag Ben Ben’s 11 to 3pm luncheon special. I think it had been 20 years since I’d done anything other than walk by this 32-year-old institution. I suppose it was enough to see it still kicking, still in its Somerset spot, its sign unchanged, while I investigated […]

  • Petit Peru moves to Chinatown

    Petit Peru moves to Chinatown

    You used to have to climb a flight of stairs and dine beneath a mirror ball, skedaddling once the room began to fill with dancers. That was on Dalhousie Street, when Petit Peru shared space with the Discoteka nightclub. Today you find it in Chinatown. At least the Petit Peru on this side of the […]

  • Phuket Royal: first Thai for Chinatown

    Phuket Royal: first Thai for Chinatown

    It was May and I was in a parka. I tossed my heavy black coat on the back of one of many chairs at the new Phuket Royal in Chinatown and ordered up comfort food. The day called for grease and crunch and heat and though I am typically disappointed with squid in Thai restaurants, […]



    Last February, chef Caroline Ishii left the Somerset Street vegan restaurant of which she was co-owner (and at which she had earned accolades and honours) to pursue other interests. Sommelier and current owner of Zen Kitchen, David Loan, continues to run the front of house; in the ZenKitchen kitchen now is Kyle Mortimer-Proulx, formerly of […]