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  • Coconut Lagoon’s sorrow

    Coconut Lagoon’s sorrow

    I was writing a short piece to celebrate Joe Thottungal’s cookbook making the ‘long list’ for the Taste Canada Awards when the awful news hit that his restaurant was on fire. After sixteen years of operations Coconut Lagoon has now closed for the foreseeable future. I’m acquainted with a great number of restaurants in this […]

  • Colours of Curry: Vij & Thottungal paint the town

    Colours of Curry: Vij & Thottungal paint the town

    “Twenty years ago, who would ever have thought,” said Vancouver chef Vikram Vij to the full house at Ottawa’s Coconut Lagoon, “…that a Canadian crowd would pay more than a hundred bucks each to eat Indian food prepared by a couple of Indian guys.” That got a laugh. Probably because it’s pretty accurate: Indian food […]

  • Vij and Thottungal in one kitchen

    Vij and Thottungal in one kitchen

    Two of our country’s finest chefs and restaurateurs — one from western Canada but originally from North India, the other from eastern Canada, but raised in South India — are teaming up for a capital event. Chefs Vikram Vij (of Vancouver’s Vij’s Restaurant and Rangoli) and Joe Thottungal (of the Kerala restaurant Coconut Lagoon) will each cook […]