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  • Gold Medal Plates 2017: Chefs Revealed!

    Gold Medal Plates 2017: Chefs Revealed!

    I’m delighted to announce the ten chefs who will be facing off this fall at the 2017 Ottawa-Gatineau Gold Medal Plates, a cross-country run of events that celebrates Canadian distinction in food, wine and sport, in support of Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Gold Medal Plates is also a culinary competition, held in eleven cities […]

  • Food For Thought 2017

    Food For Thought 2017

    For the past seven years, the culinary arts program at Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School has put on a swanky soirée in support of a good cause. And to give its student chefs a chance to work with the pros. If you’ve a hankering for fine dining at a bargain price, this night delivers. Fifty-five bucks buys […]