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  • Let the record show…

    Let the record show…

    …that our city, our national capital region, has won more gold medals at the Canadian Culinary Championships than any other. I’m not bragging here. No ma’am. I’m simply stating a fact. We’ve been on the top rung of the national culinary podium three times. Close behind us, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary chefs have managed to […]

  • Kim heads to Kelowna

    Kim heads to Kelowna

    “There’s a lot going on all the time…” chef Jamie Stunt told chef Briana Kim. “It can be a bit overwhelming. Don’t be distracted by any of it. Try to stay focused.” Stunt was talking about his experience six years ago, when he led the kitchen at Oz Kafe to a silver medal at the […]

  • Team Trevor Ritchie @ atelier

    Team Trevor Ritchie @ atelier

    “At my first competition, a Skills Canada event, I got slaughtered. I came in dead last… ” It clearly didn’t turn him off. Trevor Ritchie credits teacher-mentors (chef Tyrone Miller chief among them) for seeing in him a fierce and focused determination. They took him on. And gradually, he started bringing home hardware. Fifteen years […]

  • Bocuse d’Or comes to Atelier

    Bocuse d’Or comes to Atelier

    It is indisputably the most prestigious cooking competition in the world. The Bocuse d’Or was created in 1987 by the legendary (nonagenarian) French chef, Paul Bocuse. Every two years, it invites 24 young chefs from around the world to a wild and crazy cook-off in Lyons.  Each must prepare meat and fish courses, accompanied by […]

  • Gold Medal Plates 2017: Chefs Revealed!

    Gold Medal Plates 2017: Chefs Revealed!

    I’m delighted to announce the ten chefs who will be facing off this fall at the 2017 Ottawa-Gatineau Gold Medal Plates, a cross-country run of events that celebrates Canadian distinction in food, wine and sport, in support of Canada’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes. Gold Medal Plates is also a culinary competition, held in eleven cities […]