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  • Coconut Lagoon’s sorrow

    Coconut Lagoon’s sorrow

    I was writing a short piece to celebrate Joe Thottungal’s cookbook making the ‘long list’ for the Taste Canada Awards when the awful news hit that his restaurant was on fire. After sixteen years of operations Coconut Lagoon has now closed for the foreseeable future. I’m acquainted with a great number of restaurants in this […]

  • Canadian Culinary Championships 2020

    Canadian Culinary Championships 2020

    Voila! The 2020 Canadian Culinary Championships podium. Silver medallist, Montreal chef Marc-André Jetté of Hoogan & Beaufort; gold medallist, Vancouver chef Roger Ma of Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar; and bronze chef Emily Butcher from Winnipeg’s deer + almond. (First time Manitoba has been on the podium since Makoto Ono won the very first CCC […]

  • Mystery Wine Pairing 2020

    Mystery Wine Pairing 2020

    Counting down the days till the Canadian Culinary Championships roll into Ottawa. It all starts on Thursday January 30th, when 12 chefs from St John’s to Vancouver, champions in their cities’ competitions, will be paired up with their Algonquin College culinary students, handed a wad of cash for buying provisions to make a kick-ass dish, […]

  • Ottawa Kitchen Party 2019

    Ottawa Kitchen Party 2019

    Overheard comments last night: “The Black what? Where is this place? And who’s Ian Carswell??” Indeed. Well, let me tell you who he is: the chef from a wee restaurant in Carleton Place who just won the gold medal at Canada’s Great Kitchen Party, earning him a berth at the Canadian Culinary Championships in Ottawa […]

  • Ottawa’s Competing Chefs 2019

    Ottawa’s Competing Chefs 2019

    After a nine-year run in Kelowna, BC, and before that (when the 14-year-old event was a moveable feast, in Toronto, Calgary, Whistler and Vancouver), the Canadian Culinary Championships are coming to us. Ottawa will play host to one of the country’s greatest cook-offs, a three-day celebration of our culinary prowess! Eleven chefs from 11 cities […]

  • Alice: vivid, inventive plant-based food

    Alice: vivid, inventive plant-based food

    Briana Kim has been watching mushrooms break down. This, in the fermenting chamber at her restaurant, Alice, newly opened in the little house on Adeline Street that used to host The Rex, and then, briefly, Marc Kitchen. Kim’s been fascinated, she tells us as she delivers course 5 of 8 (‘Mushroom & Potato’), to taste what happens […]

  • Let the record show…

    Let the record show…

    …that our city, our national capital region, has won more gold medals at the Canadian Culinary Championships than any other. I’m not bragging here. No ma’am. I’m simply stating a fact. We’ve been on the top rung of the national culinary podium three times. Close behind us, Montreal, Toronto and Calgary chefs have managed to […]

  • A new Canadian Culinary Champion!

    A new Canadian Culinary Champion!

    It was certainly anyone’s podium as the eleven chefs approached the final test in a triathlon of challenges. For the first time in a long time, at least in my memory of judging the Canadian Culinary Championship, there was no clear superstar to beat, no one chef who floated effortlessly to the top of the […]

  • LaSalle to the Canadian Culinary Championships

    LaSalle to the Canadian Culinary Championships

    And he’s off!  (If the snow gods are kind.) Yannick LaSalle (he’s the beaming guy in the middle, sandwiched between 2018 silver medal chef Daniela Manrique of The Soca Kitchen, and bronze-winner chef Jason Sawision of Stofa) is headed tomorrow to compete in the Canadian Culinary Championships in Kelowna BC. LaSalle is head chef of […]