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  • Mantovani 1946

    Mantovani 1946

    An ice cream shop called Mantovani 1946 has moved into the Murray Street space where Domus Café used to be. In the transom above its door is etched a big gold M, and then “Italy. UK. Canada.” Written on the windows (the ones that used to read “Regional, Seasonal, Canadian Cuisine”) is now “Award Winning […]

  • The King Eddy

    The King Eddy

    “Why don’t we ever just go out for a burger?” he whined. So we did. Last week. To the latest ByWard Market American-style diner for The King Eddy’s much touted hamburger. And you know, it was just the thing. The Legendary King Eddy Burger is two patties “ground fresh daily, never frozen…” with (mild, I […]

  • Asian Alley’s restorative powers

    Asian Alley’s restorative powers

    Here’s to the curative powers of a steaming bowl of fragrant pho. The head throb eases, the throat is soothed, the spirit lifted, and the wallet lightened (but just a little). The trick is finding good pho. The sort that doesn’t lift the spirits temporarily and then keeps you up all night, jittering and guzzling […]

  • Moscow Tea Room: a middling lunch

    Moscow Tea Room: a middling lunch

    The day was glorious and the Moscow Tea Room was barren — inside, anyway. The lavishly decorated, grand cafe room, which I imagine bustles with the Beautiful and the Young at night, did have patrons, but they were all on the patio. I walked through the room — admiring its many assets — and found […]

  • Fiazza Fast Fired

    Fiazza Fast Fired

    A few weeks back I had come to the ByWard Market with my son to pay our respects to Domus Café. He had celebrated a thirteenth birthday there, along with another family feast to mark a university graduation. We noted the massive ‘For Lease’ sign. We cupped our hands around our eyes and peered through […]

  • Brother’s Beer Bistro: my $13 lunch

    This place continues to surprise me. Lunch last week was no exception. It’s much about beer here, of course — beer factors in every dish the kitchen prepares. And that struck me as gimmicky when BBB first opened in 2012. Brothers and beer in the Byward Market … oh goodie. No doubt there’d be bacon […]

  • Christmas lunch at The Albion Rooms

    Well here’s a festive dish. Called “House Pasta” — beetroot stained fettuccine cooked right to firm, clinging to a pistachio pesto, further greened with parsley leaves, blobbed white with chevre, and slick with a pepita and pistachio oil. In addition to looking good, it had a vibrant flavour. The only thing missing was the gold […]