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  • Good stuff…

    Good stuff…

    Mark your calendars for a collaborative pop-up at the Jazz Festival. June 27th. Chefs Pat Garland (Absinthe), Joe Thottungal (Coconut Lagoon), Tim Stock (Thyme & Again) and their teams. Ticket gets you into festival VIP Lounge and to the funky, spring-in-your-step music of the Heavyweights. Details below.

  • Top Vets

    Top Vets

    “But what of restaurants with staying power, with pedigree, with a noble history? The truth is, they tend to fall off the page.” I wrote a food feature for Ottawa Magazine’s Holiday issue, on veteran restaurants I still consider of genuine quality. I defined ‘veteran’ as those place that have blown out ten candles. (Two […]

  • Bocuse d’Or comes to Atelier

    Bocuse d’Or comes to Atelier

    It is indisputably the most prestigious cooking competition in the world. The Bocuse d’Or was created in 1987 by the legendary (nonagenarian) French chef, Paul Bocuse. Every two years, it invites 24 young chefs from around the world to a wild and crazy cook-off in Lyons.  Each must prepare meat and fish courses, accompanied by […]

  • First Chefs & Shows at GCTC

    First Chefs & Shows at GCTC

    “Come Hungry; Leave Entertained.” That’s the tasty thinking behind the GCTC Chefs & Shows, a marriage of the culinary and theatre arts, with the added pleasure of the food foreshadowing the performance. Chefs & Shows is the brainchild of Sheila Whyte of Thyme & Again, and Michael Moffatt, executive chef of Beckta, Play and Gezellig […]

  • Chefs & Shows at GCTC

    Chefs & Shows at GCTC

    How brilliant is this! The Great Canadian Theatre Company, in collaboration with Sheila Whyte of Thyme & Again  and Michael Moffatt, executive chef of Beckta, play and gezellig, has been playing matchmaker with the six mainstage productions of its 2016-2017 season. For one night, and one night only, each show gets a chef. And not just any ol’ chef. Just look […]

  • A Taste for Life 2016

    A Taste for Life 2016

    Once again, the good people at A Taste for Life are staging their annual “Hope made Delicious”, in support of Bruce House and The Snowy Owl AIDS Foundation. Participating restaurants are donating 25% of the evening’s proceeds to these marvellous and important organizations. Mark the date: Wednesday April 20th and book a table. They’re going fast! […]

  • GCTC new season promises pop-up pleasures

    GCTC new season promises pop-up pleasures

    On the stage of the Great Canadian Theatre Company, just after the curtain was lifted on the 2016-17 season, and the chocolate truffles were making the rounds after a lovely lunch thanks to Thyme & Again Creative Catering, guests were told that each of the six plays will feature a pop-up dinner. My kind of […]

  • CCC Mystery Wine Revealed…

    CCC Mystery Wine Revealed…

    Well, they sure nailed the wine. Chef Patrick Garland and his team from Absinthe figured out the mystery wine – at six this morning, apparently. When Garland delivered his dish to the judges’ table tonight and was asked what he thought of the wine, he described its particulars characteristics, then announced he thought it was […]

  • Canadian Culinary Championship 2015 – wine in hand

    Canadian Culinary Championship 2015 – wine in hand

    All we know is that it’s a red. It was presented to the eleven competing CCC chefs last night at Sandhills Winery and after posing for pictures, with their gift boxes in hand, they scattered to find some quiet corner where they could open the unmarked bottle of wine and pour themselves a good stiff […]