• Food for Thought 2020

    Food for Thought 2020

    This will be the tenth anniversary of Food For Thought. the swanky soiree put on by the culinary arts program at Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School in support of food security. Under the direction of chef-teacher Kent Van Dyk, the student cooks are given the chance to work with the pros, all of whom donate their time […]

  • Ottawa Kitchen Party 2019

    Ottawa Kitchen Party 2019

    Overheard comments last night: “The Black what? Where is this place? And who’s Ian Carswell??” Indeed. Well, let me tell you who he is: the chef from a wee restaurant in Carleton Place who just won the gold medal at Canada’s Great Kitchen Party, earning him a berth at the Canadian Culinary Championships in Ottawa […]

  • Montreal KP

    Report on Montreal event, from head judge, James Chatto: “What a fascinating evening we just enjoyed! Last night Montreal had been suddenly smitten with a serious amount of snow and our cab company could not promise us transportation, so the judges were obliged to rent a stretch limo to travel from restaurant to restaurant in […]

  • Calgary Kitchen Party ’19 report

    Calgary Kitchen Party ’19 report

    With thanks to James Chatto, head judge of Canadian Culinary Championships/Canada’s Great Kitchen Party, a report on the Calgary chef our (yet to be determined) Ottawa chef will be meeting at the CCC 2020! Ottawa chef will be determined on November 19th, when the Great Canadian Kitchen Party rolls our way. “There was snow on […]

  • Moncton’s Kitchen Party 2019

    Moncton’s Kitchen Party 2019

    Report is thanks to James Chatto, head judge of Canadian Culinary Championships. “Last year was the first year we threw a Kitchen Party in Moncton, and it was a triumph, bringing together a hugely talented assembly of chefs from across New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. This year, we cast the same wide, bi-provincial net […]

  • St John’s Kitchen Party!

    With thanks to James Chatto, head culinary advisor of Canadian Culinary Championships. Here’s what went down in St John’s! November 1/19 We landed in Newfoundland at dusk on Halloween and were safely in St. John’s just as the first jack o’lanterns were lit. Our wayward timetable gave the Kitchen Party 24 hours free time on […]

  • Halifax’s turn: Great Kitchen Party 2019

    Halifax’s turn: Great Kitchen Party 2019

    I don’t suppose this is an original observation, but the weather in the Maritimes is apt to be changeable. Yesterday afternoon we had blazing sunshine and a balmy breeze, then horizontal rain, then hot sun and calm water again, all in the space of an hour. They’re used to it in Halifax, of course, and […]

  • Great Kitchen Party moves to Edmonton

    Great Kitchen Party moves to Edmonton

    Guest blog post from Canadian Culinary Championship Head Judge, James Chatto: The first inklings of autumn were definitely in the air for our Toronto and Vancouver gigs last week. In Edmonton, however, it felt more like winter had already arrived. Yes, the sun dazzled in a cloudless blue sky but many trees were already bare […]

  • Drinking in Healdsburg, California

    Drinking in Healdsburg, California

    Greener Grape Growing