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  • Jordan journey

    Jordan journey

    By day three in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan I was reproaching my girl-self for not paying more attention in Sunday School. Why had I not listened to what happened to Moses on Mount Nebo instead of endlessly colouring in my take on the Last Supper? Poor old Job kept cropping up, as we walked […]

  • Eating Out in Lunenburg Nova Scotia

    Eating Out in Lunenburg Nova Scotia

    I have a surplus of sons at school in Halifax. This story came together while on a side trip to Lunenburg, written for Taste & Travel Magazine‘s Winter issue.

  • Noshing around Nantucket for Taste & Travel Magazine

    Noshing around Nantucket for Taste & Travel Magazine

    The world’s islands, maybe more than any other feature of our geography, are defined by the rhythms around them.  For most of them fishing sets the beat. And maybe nowhere was the sea catch more vital than on Nantucket. Whaling was the monstrous industry that dominated this ‘spit of sand’ for over a century. Today’s […]

  • A Lush in Las Vegas

    A Lush in Las Vegas

    You can do anything you like in Las Vegas. Along with a bunch of things you never knew you wanted to do. Stay indoors 24 hours a day placing bets on cards, watching the wheels spin, feeding the slots, if these are your pleasures. Venture inside-outside and visit a pyramid, a Sphinx, an Eiffel Tower, […]

  • South Shore, Nova Scotia

    For Taste & Travel Magazine, Winter, 2012 We arrive at Peggys Cove at dusk. On the eastern point of St Margaret’s Bay, this fishing village, population 46, is one of Nova Scotia’s busiest attractions. But we are alone here. The bus tour season in this celebrated place appears to be past its prime and we have […]

  • Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market

    For Taste & Travel Magazine, Winter, 2012 The Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market Its history is long and contentious, as all rich histories tend to be, but today the Halifax Farmers’ Market, the oldest continuously run market in North America, counts among the most innovative. Established in 1750 by Royal Proclamation, for its first fifty years […]

  • Bergen, Norway

    For Taste and Travel Magazine, a short piece on where to eat in Bergen! BERGEN Possibly you’ve heard it’s ruinously expensive to dine out in Norway. And you’d have heard about right. All the more reason to be selective! Know where to find the good stuff, and then feast with that soaring feeling that it’s worth […]

  • An oyster breakfast in Halifax

    It was early Saturday morning late last fall. I was on one of my twice-annual trips to Halifax, visiting my eldest son, a second year poli-sci student at Dalhousie University. To be sure, I love the lad, and miss him, but truth be, there are other reasons for visits. I have a deep weakness for […]

  • Two Markets, two markets

    I’ve been dodging chefs, doing some fancy undercover work, at the inaugural “Chefs’ Hour” at The Ottawa Farmers’ Market.  It had been my plan to see who showed up between 2 and 3 last Thursday afternoon – the hour during which chefs were given front of the line treatment. I was going to see which […]