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  • A Taste for Hope 2018

    A Taste for Hope 2018

    Here’s a lovely way to spend an evening.  A Taste for Hope returns this year for the 6th running, with a stellar lineup of 18 local chefs, stepping up to help those in need in their community. A Taste for Hope benefits the important work done by the Shepherds of Good Hope. It will sell out […]

  • Vij and Thottungal in one kitchen

    Vij and Thottungal in one kitchen

    Two of our country’s finest chefs and restaurateurs — one from western Canada but originally from North India, the other from eastern Canada, but raised in South India — are teaming up for a capital event. Chefs Vikram Vij (of Vancouver’s Vij’s Restaurant and Rangoli) and Joe Thottungal (of the Kerala restaurant Coconut Lagoon) will each cook […]

  • Looking back…

    Looking back…

    We moved homes a few years ago. From our five-bedroom where my husband and I raised and launched (kinda-sorta) four sons, to our current two-bedroom, where we live, without them. For now. (We’ve all read the stats.) The two-bedroom has no garage. Very little storage at all, really.  Clearly no room, said I, for his […]

  • Food for Thought 2018

    Food for Thought 2018

    This will be the eighth year the culinary arts program at Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School will put on a swanky soirée in support of food security. Under the direction of chef-teacher Kent Van Dyk, the student cooks are given the chance to work with the pros, all of whom donate their time and tutelage.  If you’ve a […]

  • Pick of the Plates: 17 Memorable Dishes of 2017

    Pick of the Plates: 17 Memorable Dishes of 2017

    Chestnuts and Cabbage at Clover I ate this in the last gasps of last December, too late to include in my roundup of good plates of 2016, so it’s being squeezed into this one. There aren’t many chefs who can dream up a vegan dish with such complexity of flavours and textures, and plate, just […]

  • Top Vets

    Top Vets

    “But what of restaurants with staying power, with pedigree, with a noble history? The truth is, they tend to fall off the page.” I wrote a food feature for Ottawa Magazine’s Holiday issue, on veteran restaurants I still consider of genuine quality. I defined ‘veteran’ as those place that have blown out ten candles. (Two […]

  • Team Trevor Ritchie @ atelier

    Team Trevor Ritchie @ atelier

    “At my first competition, a Skills Canada event, I got slaughtered. I came in dead last… ” It clearly didn’t turn him off. Trevor Ritchie credits teacher-mentors (chef Tyrone Miller chief among them) for seeing in him a fierce and focused determination. They took him on. And gradually, he started bringing home hardware. Fifteen years […]

  • Bocuse d’Or comes to Atelier

    Bocuse d’Or comes to Atelier

    It is indisputably the most prestigious cooking competition in the world. The Bocuse d’Or was created in 1987 by the legendary (nonagenarian) French chef, Paul Bocuse. Every two years, it invites 24 young chefs from around the world to a wild and crazy cook-off in Lyons.  Each must prepare meat and fish courses, accompanied by […]

  • Capital Fare Café

    Capital Fare Café

    If you only knew Baccanalle chef Resa Solomon-St. Lewis from various farmers’ markets, a good number of charitable events, and a bunch of food festivals around town, you will be pleased to know she’s found a home base for her terrific Caribbean food. Tucked into the ground floor of the Phenix Professional Building on Montreal […]