Ottawa Mission’s Blue Door Gala 2018

Let me tell you about a great event coming up this fall.

The Blue Door Gala supports the many programs and services offered at The Ottawa Mission, including its Food Service Training Program, lead by Mission Chef Ric Allen-Watson.

Chef Ric and a number of students/graduates of that program were on hand at Thyme & Again‘s second foodie home on Carling Avenue (the finest second home for a Beer Store, bar none), catering a cocktail party launch event in anticipation of the big event on November 15th at the Infinity Convention Centre.

I was moved by what Thyme & Again chef Michael Moffatt had to say when asked, in a video, why he cares about the work of the Mission, and in particular, about the Food Service Training Program (a few of its graduates now work for Thyme & Again).  “Having grown up in this (food) industry, having spent multiple years in this industry, I’ve seen a lot of second chances… I’ve met some wonderful people who have suffered, for one reason or another. But truly, when they’ve been given something to believe in, they’ve thrived… That’s why I care.”

Tickets for the Gala 2018 are available here.

What: The Ottawa Mission’s annual Blue Door Gala

When: Thursday, November 15th, 2018

Where: the Infinity Convention Centre, 2901 Gibford Drive, Ottawa

2018 Gala chairs: Sheila Whyte, Michael Moffatt and Lawrence Greenspon