Here are your competing chefs, Ottawa/Gatineau!

2016 Podium finish: Stunt, Thottungal, Doiron

The twelfth annual Gold Medal Plates culinary showdown is coming to our town on November 9th. The cross-country tour of cities kicked off in Edmonton last month. It rolled east to Regina, Montreal, Halifax, St. John’s; then back west to Victoria, Saskatoon, Winnipeg and Calgary. It’s Ottawa’s turn on Thursday, and then the GMP cities’ tour will end in Toronto on the 16th, and pick up again in Kelowna, BC in February for the Canadian Culinary Championships.

Chefs were invited to compete last April. They’ve had 6 months to plot and plan and tweak their competition plates, and I can’t wait to taste them, along with the wines/beers/spirits they’ve chosen to match. Here’s a reminder of who they are and where they come from:

From Carben, Kevin Benes

From Bar Lupulus, Jeff Bradfield

From Town/Citizen, Marc Doiron

From Fairouz, Walid El Tawel

From Two Six Ate, Steve Harris

From Riviera, Jordan Holley

From Café My House, Briana Kim

From Les Fougeres, Yannick La Salle

From La Maison Conroy, Kyle Mortimer-Proulx

From Soif, Jamie Stunt

The gold medallist in Ottawa will meet these nine chefs at the Canadian Culinary Championships (along with whomever wins at Toronto GMP):

From Edmonton, Shane Chartrand of Sage

From Regina, David Vinoya of Wild Sage Kitchen & Bar

From Montreal, Eric Gonzalez of L’Atelier Joel Robuchon

From Halifax, Barry Mooney of Gio

From St. John’s, Nick Jewcyk of The Fifth Ticket

From Vancouver, Alex Chen of Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar

From Saskatoon, James McFarland, from the University of Saskatchewan

From Winnipeg, Mike Robins of Sous Sol

From Canmore, AB, Blake Flann, of Blake restaurant

Good luck chefs!






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