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Stellenbosch and the Cape Winelands

I had done a modicum of homework for my maiden braai. At least enough to know the word is pronounced ‘bry’ not ‘bray’; that I should bring my own contribution to the coals; and that if I wanted to fit in, it shouldn’t be veggie kabobs.

Afrikaans for barbecue, a braai is integral to South African culture – an outdoor feast centred around wood-fired coals. It’s an event best approached hungry and by meat lovers, according to my niece Claire, who lives in Cape Town. I was visiting her last February, and she was helping me prepare for the Stellenbosch braai. It was to be my first night in Cape wine country, and I wanted to get it right. “You can’t braai without beer,” was the first bit of intelligence she gave. I made a note. The second was this: “if you bring chicken to a braai you’re considered a vegetarian”.

So I brought boerewors… (click on image to continue reading)

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