Meet World Cornish Pasty Ambassador, 2016


See the sign? It says “Try the #4 Best Pasty in the World… ” It was taken last year at the Ottawa Farmers’ Market in the Cattle Castle.

Well, folks, that was last year. This year the sign’s gonna read “Voted World Cornish Pasty Ambassador for 2016.” Matt Grant’s enthusiasm and general pasty-positivism has been honoured by the good folks at the World Cornish Pasty Competition (held annually at the Eden Project – two biodomes constructed over a reclaimed Kaolinite pit – near St Austell in Cornwall, England, in case you were wondering.)

In his enthusiastic tribute, the chief pasty judge cited Matt’s embodiment of “the spirit of the competition” and the fact that “he lives in a far away country,” has a dad from Plymouth, a mum from Ireland,  he was born in London, and “travels 3,000 miles to be in the competition.”

But if you’ve ever met Matt at the Ottawa Farmer’s Market, you know all about that spirit. Matt loves his pasties.

So, on behalf of all his far-away country-men & -women, to Ambassador Matt Grant of The Great British Pasty & Pie Company, congratulations!





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