Congrats Beau’s!

Delighted to report that Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company has won the Ontario Culinary Tourism ‘Event of the Year’ for its Oktoberfest. Beau’s faced some stiff competition – the province hosts some pretty amazing culinary events – but its Oktoberfest clearly stood out. So big congrats to the big Beau’s team!

From Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance:

Since 2006, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company, located in Vankleek Hill, has been brewing award-winning beer using certified organic ingredients & local spring water. Beau’s Oktoberfest is the company’s annual signature fundraiser. The festival brings 20,000 people to the small Eastern-Ontario town every year to enjoy delicious craft beer from over 50 other craft breweries, as well as local cuisine created to reimagine the Bavarian theme from over twenty different restaurants from the area.





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