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The Dish List 2015

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This year’s ‘Dish List’ is out and it’s a stunner!

Huge congrats are due to photographer Christian Lalonde of Photolux Studio, to Ottawa Magazine‘s art director Jane Corbett, and to all the chefs’ involved. They were called upon to remake a plate I ate with much pleasure months before, and they clearly did so with style and grace.

So very proud to have worked with this terrific team.

Also in this issue – “Kitchen Takeover” by Sarah Brown. She takes a playful approach with the potential losers at this year’s Gold Medal Plates culinary competition, asking six of the competing chefs the bittersweet question: Which of their rivals’ restaurants would they most like to take over if they don’t get the gold and the trip to Kelowna?

It brought me back to the first ‘Kitchen Takeover’ in 2012, arranged by Matthew Carmichael (of El Camino and now Datsun), who had won GMP gold in 2009 when he was at restaurant e18hteen. Carmichael gathered a team together that February to keep the home fires burning at atelier for the three days Marc Lepine was competing at the Canadian Culinary Championship. Word spread in Kelowna about what the Ottawa ‘losing’ chefs and friends were up to. It made waves in BC, and me fiercely proud… of the great kindness shown that year, and every year since.

It’s a fun read.



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