And the best slurp of the night… L’Orée du Bois!

Acc To a sold out crowd, serenaded by a music man in plaid, and warmed with eight fantastic soups, last night’s ‘Soupe-Splash’ 2015, part of Vanier’s Festival des Sucres, was a pleasure to help judge.

We slurped and slurped and in the end, the winning bowl went to the team from L’Orée du Bois in Chelsea Quebec – chef-owner Jean-Claude Chartrand ably assisted by his two sous, Lolita and Marissa in their pink and blue ‘whites’.

WinnerTheirs was a thyme-flecked wild mushroom soup of great earthy depth, capped with a maple sabayon – whipped up by Chartrand – and sided with a shot glass and a branchy garnish (courtesy of the girls) of maple-caramelized popcorn. Delicious, playful, and a crowd pleaser too.  Felicitations!







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