Off to Kerala…

I’ve never been to India, though that has never stopped me from offering my opinion on Indian food in this city.

That opinion has been guided by the same criteria I use for most other cuisines. Freshness and flavour, texture and complexity. What I’ve always resisted doing was judging Indian restaurants by that dreaded word: authenticity. Because, really… How was I to know? And besides, authenticity, it could be argued – and I have – doesn’t really apply when you are trying to recreate a subcontinent dish at 44.5° degrees North. It simply won’t taste the same. Or so I figured. But really, what do I know?

It’s been a gaping gap in my culinary education. One day, I told myself, I’d get there…

Well, opportunity has knocked. The Coconut Lagoon, on St Laurent Boulevard, is a South Indian restaurant I have long admired. Its chef, Joe Thottungal, is offering a guided culinary tour of his homeland, Kerala, in March. Fifteen days of exploring South Indian cuisine with a chef who knows his stuff? I’m in.

It’s being hosted by Bestway Tours. More information on the Discover Kerala trip, can be found here. (I’m told there are still a few spots left.)

This photo is courtesy of Raju Banarjee, one from her collection of Kerala memories.






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