Effiloché at Edgar

IMG_4144Yes, yes, I know. It’s flu season. I’m supposed to be washing my hands on a regular basis.

I just couldn’t bring myself to do it today. Working my way blissfully through a panini at Chez Edgar – during which the considerable juices from the “Porc effiloché a la Thai avec mayo epicée et salade de choux” panini oozed down my arm, and required all the ministrations of many napkins to keep it from running too far past my chin – after that lunch at Edgar, my hands were all I had left to remind me of the pleasure.

This was pork flavoured with lemongrass and lime leaves, and with a bit of bird’s eye chilli kick. It had remarkable flavour. And texture. So many pulled pork sandwiches don’t understand the importance of texture. So many are simply all supple, spongy, and yielding, tucked inside a soft bun… very pleasant for two bites and then dull thereafter. Missing the needed crunch to give relief to all the soft.

A citrus spiked and sesame oiled slaw, filled in with peppers and red onion, stepped in to give that contrast, and the satisfying chomp of a grilled Art-is-in bun didn’t hurt either.

It’s going down on record as the best sandwich of the year.  I know. The year is young. But to top this sandwich isn’t going to be a piece of cake.

It cost $7.25: a steal.







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