Top three at the CCC

Rob Feenie of the Cactus Club, Vancouver, secured the silver medal. For his final dish, he gave us bunny and carrots: but first, a shot glass of duck broth flecked with black truffle to ready the palate for… an elegant terrine of rabbit, topped with a fat little boudin blanc sausage of rabbit and foie gras. A skinny slice of black truffle lay against the construct, and the plate was finished with a carrot puree, a carrot wafer-like sheet and delicate spheres. Feenie paired this with the 2010 Pinot Noir from Haywire Winery, BC.



This was the dish that propelled Jean-Philippe St-Denis of Kitchen Galerie Poisson in Montreal to win the Bronze Medal at the CCC. He presented his take on vitello tonnato – a carpaccio of Albacore tuna topped with many pretty, textural treats: tender veal tongue, crispy parmesan, crunch fried capers, dobs of balsamic jelly, bright yellow sprinkles of preserved lemon rind, crunchy bits of pain brioche, snips of chive and flourish of microgreens. Surrounding the plate, a broken moat of a rich and flavourful mustard-tarragon vinaigrette. St-Denis paired this with beer – McAuslan Brewery’s St-Ambroise Cream Ale.






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