Toast and jam again

I returned from Las Vegas – a journalists’ trip to introduce us to some of the city’s best bars and bartenders (rebranded as mixologists, don’t ya know…) – determined to start my day differently. With a cocktail. Of sorts. One of dark greens and beta carotene – kale, spinach, romaine, celery, carrots, water – whirred in a blender with a banana. I was given the recipe by a Chicago food writer, a beautiful woman who glowed with health and vitality. She reportedly began her day, every day, with a Green Goddess shake.  I decided I would do that too. Yes indeed I would.

Home I came and Day One of  life Post Vegas, I followed the recipe, tipping the contents of my produce drawer into the blender, and pouring the frothy dank-green goo into a glass. I downed the thing. Slowly, lugubriously, plugging my nose. I made one for my husband too. We did this every morning for three weeks, giving ourselves the weekend off. For eggs.

This morning I’m back on track. I had a slice of Art-is-in sour dough toasted, topped with Back Forty‘s Bonnechere cheese spread with michaelsdolce magnificent Peach & Cardamom jam. And I feel like a million bucks.

She glowed with health and vitality because of the Green Goddess shakes? Maybe. But maybe she glowed with H&V because she was ten years younger with no teenage boys or incontinent dog in her house. Much more likely, I figure.

Thinking of a kale and spinach omelette for lunch.

And that story of the mind-bogglingly delicious REAL cocktails Vegas is whipping up these days, will be in Taste&Travel Magazine’s spring issue.







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