Capital Dining has had a facelift!

Welcome, dear readers, to the new and improved Capital Dining site!  I am a good eater; less accomplished with things digital, and so am deeply grateful to James, Stephen and the wonderful Vanessa for all they have done to help me catalogue these restaurant reviews in ways that may be useful to you. There is now a pretty cool new map feature, along with the usual methods of searching for a restaurant by neighbourhood, style of cuisine, price. Do let me know how you find it…

There has never been a better time to spend your hard earned money on dining out in Ottawa. The restaurant landscape has come of age,  exploding in marvellous ways out of the doldrums of its early years. Yes, indeed, it was bleak. I remember it well. Back in 1993 when I penned my first review for  the Ottawa Citizen (do you remember the Green Valley?) we were a city with only a handful of restaurants worth their salt. And we were a city with a pretty early bedtime.

Quite a different landscape now. Notwithstanding its dubious distinction of being the second coldest capital on the planet, there simply isn’t a city that enjoys a more  burgeoning local food movement plucked from such a bountiful backyard. In the hands of some of our magnificent chefs, that translates to increasingly tastier plates in increasingly better restaurants.

You’ll find the best of them here …  as well as those that need to pull up their socks.

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