Rene Rodriguez leaves Luxe

Eight months after leaving The Black Cat Cafe for Luxe Bistro, chef Rene Rodriguez has announced he will leave Luxe at the end of March, to strike out on his own. Word has it, his new home will be in the Market, precise location TBA. Stay tuned.Update – check out review of Navarra September 21/08 






4 responses to “Rene Rodriguez leaves Luxe”

  1. John Leclair Avatar
    John Leclair

    Who is Rodriguez’s replacement?

  2. Sarah Avatar

    It is Duane Keats, formerly at Brookstreet.

  3. Anne Avatar

    If you are a fan of steak tartare, you might head to Navarra on Murray Street and order Rene Rodriguez’ version of that raw classic. Rene’s new restaurant is in the space recently vacated by the Black Cat Cafe (soon to reopen on Preston Street). Stay tuned for a full review.

  4. josh Avatar

    I have heard alot of great things anout the new chef who has taken over at luxe bistro. He is young hip and a easy chef to talk to. I have only been to luxe 1 time since he has been there but what a meal. and what a great vibe in the whole restaurant. Looking forward to the future of this great new chef….

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