Capital Dining 2nd Edition: Now Available

I am pleased to let you know that Capital Dining, 2nd Edition, is now available through the Creative Bound website.

The new edition recommends over 150 restaurants in the National Capital region.

Captial Dining 2008 Cover






One response to “Capital Dining 2nd Edition: Now Available”

  1. Mr. J. Paul Richer Avatar
    Mr. J. Paul Richer

    Dear Anne DesBrisay:

    I want to thank you very much for your new book, Capital Dining 2008.
    I entered my name in a contest run by the Ottawa Citizen for one of your books and yesterday someone called to tell me I was a lucky winner ! Really ?
    I went over this morning and picked up the book and have been reading it ever since.
    I read your colum every week and I am familiar with many of the restaurants you review.
    I am always amazed at just how right on the money you are with most of your reviews.
    As a flight attendant of 32 years with Air Canada I also spend a lot of time dining out but in my case it is not always by choice but by obligation.
    There are a lot of bad restaurants out there but then again there are some real gems even in this city !
    Thank you for taking the time to read this and I wish you continued sucess ! The book is very good !

    J, Paul Richer

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