Restaurant Reviews

Le Resto

You would be forgiven for judging this little Chelsea Plaza bistro, sandwiched between a Freshmart...

0 Comment / Jun 08, 2017

Coconut Lagoon

Indian restaurants in this city are known mostly for their all-you-can-mound-on-a-plate buffets - fairly...

0 Comment / May 29, 2017

Fairouz on mezze nights

Let’s talk about Monday: it could be the new Friday when it comes to dining out. More and more restaurants...

0 Comment / May 14, 2017

Around Town

The Good Food Tour

I’ve always liked Almonte. It’s pretty, it has history, it has a waterfall and old stone mills....

0 Comment / Jun 19, 2017

Aurelius Olive Oil - drinking the good stuff

I had the pleasure of sipping oil at a coffeehouse last week with a fellow called Mike George and his partner...

0 Comment / May 15, 2017

Growing Futures

“The most frightening words we hear at the Mayor’s Office,” Jim Watson told the crowd at the Innovation...

0 Comment / Apr 16, 2017

Comings & Goings

Navarra News & Murray Street Moves

Murray Street, once considered the ByWard Market's gastro-alley, has been dealt three big blows. (And...

0 Comment / May 08, 2017

Share Freehouse shuttered

The doors of Share Freehouse in Somerset Village have closed, but a window's been left open for a possible...

0 Comment / Jun 03, 2016

Bar Laurel set to open... soon

Or "in less than two years" anyway, as the window says - a self deprecating reference to the two plus...

0 Comment / May 12, 2016

Gold Medal Plates

Gold Medal Plates 2017: Chefs Revealed!

I’m delighted to announce the ten chefs who will be facing off this fall at the 2017 Ottawa-Gatineau...

0 Comment / Apr 28, 2017

Canadian Culinary Championships 2017

When all was said and eaten and the judges’ marks tabulated, on the podium at the Canadian...

1 Comment / Feb 08, 2017

Gold Medal Plates 2016

Photo courtesy Gold Medal Plates The eleventh Ottawa-Gatineau Gold Medal Plates was a grand night...

0 Comment / Nov 10, 2016

Anne Away

Food life in the Fez Medina

From the Spring issue of Taste & Travel Magazine, a piece on navigating the Fez Medina.

0 Comment / May 15, 2017

Stellenbosch and the Cape Winelands

I travelled to Cape Town for the wedding of my niece Claire. And then headed to the Cape Winelands to cap off the holiday....

0 Comment / Aug 08, 2016

Summer Dinner Series 2016 at J.K. Farm

Jamie Kennedy sports two pins on his chef’s coat. They’re small, but they speak volumes about...

0 Comment / Jun 30, 2016