Restaurant Reviews

The Pomeroy House

  For all of you who fretted about the closing of the short-lived Glebe restaurant called...

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There was a plan and, had we followed it, it would have required one decision only: “Red or white?” We...

0 Comment / Dec 28, 2015

Clarkstown Kitchen & Pub

  El Meson...” I wrote in a review of it in 2007, “is an old-fashioned neighbourhood...

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Around Town

613 Supper Club

“The first course is actually above you.” And so it was: charcuterie and house pickles, affixed...

0 Comment / Jan 31, 2016

Bridgehead honoured

  Toronto food writer James Chatto has called the Ontario Hostelry Institute's annual Gold Awards...

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Warming up at St. Martha's Brasserie d'Orleans

The eastern suburbs have been something of a gastronomic wilderness for years. There are lots of places...

0 Comment / Jan 14, 2016

Comings & Goings

Sobo Cookbook wins gold at Taste Canada Awards

"This book gives a wonderful sense of place in the writing and recipes." Those were the words of praise...

0 Comment / Sep 22, 2015

Young Pratecante makes NAC proud

Big congratulations to National Arts Centre Second Cook Jonathan Pratecante for taking the gold medal...

0 Comment / May 13, 2015

Juniper closes

I have posted below the Facebook page entry that announces the long-running Westboro restaurant Juniper...

0 Comment / Nov 11, 2014

Gold Medal Plates

Canadian Culinary Championships 2016

Holy Moly, he did it again! Marc Lepine and team Atelier were on fire, and when it was all said and done...

0 Comment / Feb 07, 2016

The Black Box Competition 2016

Change is usually always a good thing, and the changes made at this year's CCC Black Box competition...

0 Comment / Feb 06, 2016

Mystery Wine Pairing competition

With 500 bucks stuffed in a back pocket and a bottle of label-less wine in hand, eleven chefs scoured...

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Anne Away

Local mission at Fairmont Banff Springs

There's something so 'Canadian' about sitting in a 19th century railway hotel, looking out over the splendid...

0 Comment / Feb 01, 2016

One Fish, Two Fish, Good Fish, True Fish

A story about Newfoundland cod, and about a collection of chefs who care deeply about sustainable...

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Tofino, British Columbia

A story about the comfort of good food after a storm wished for never shows.

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