Restaurant Reviews

Siam Bistro

Years of easy access to Thai food have probably made us blasé about it. But do you remember your first...

0 Comment / May 02, 2016

Das Lokal

For all those bemoaning (you know who you are) the shuttering of eastern European/Germanic restaurants...

0 Comment / Apr 27, 2016

Soif, bar à vin de Véronique Rivest

Nobody visiting Soif would ever wonder what manner of place it is given that the room is entirely...

0 Comment / Apr 05, 2016

Around Town

Meet chef Emmanuelle Leftick

It might have been that she was underage: at 19, she couldn’t go out post-shift with the rest of The French...

0 Comment / Apr 27, 2016

Dim Sum in Orleans

Craving dim sum? One doesn’t generally think of Orleans as the place to go to satisfy that itch....

0 Comment / Apr 27, 2016

A Taste for Life 2016

Once again, the good people at A Taste for Life are staging their annual "Hope made Delicious", in support...

0 Comment / Apr 13, 2016

Comings & Goings

RIP Meat in the Middle

I liked this place. Quality slow-meat in a bun with a terrific potato salad washed down with a Beau's....

0 Comment / Apr 05, 2016

Suzy Q's new home

"Walk 100 metres east... We're Open!" the sign says. And so I follow orders, and head to the building...

0 Comment / Mar 09, 2016

Farewell John Morris

  Sending very best wishes to chef John Morris, as he leaves the National Arts Centre to take...

0 Comment / Mar 09, 2016

Gold Medal Plates

2016 Gold Medal Plates chefs

They've all accepted the invitation and I’m delighted with the lineup of competing chefs for 2016....

0 Comment / May 03, 2016

Canadian Culinary Championships 2016

Well folks, he did it again. Commandingly. Again. It was déjà vu at the Canadian Culinary Championships...

0 Comment / Feb 07, 2016

The Black Box Competition 2016

Change is usually always a good thing, and the changes made at this year's CCC Black Box competition...

0 Comment / Feb 06, 2016

Anne Away

A week in Prosecco country

In the Spring issue of Taste & Travel Magazine, my piece on tromping around Prosecco country.

0 Comment / Apr 29, 2016

Local mission at Fairmont Banff Springs

There's something so 'Canadian' about sitting in a 19th century railway hotel, looking out over the splendid...

0 Comment / Feb 01, 2016

One Fish, Two Fish, Good Fish, True Fish

A story about Newfoundland cod, and about a collection of chefs who care deeply about sustainable...

0 Comment / Feb 01, 2016