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Das Lokal

News of a new chef has brought me back to Das Lokal. That, and the thought of a steaming mug of Gluhwein...

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Ottawa is a gold mine of top-notch restaurants that serve seasonal comfort food in a relaxed atmosphere....

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MeNa opened in 2014. Last year, the Preston Street restaurant shut down and papered-up for a six-month...

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Around Town

Food for Thought 2018

This will be the eighth year the culinary arts program at Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary...

0 Comment / Jan 05, 2018

Pick of the Plates: 17 Memorable Dishes of 2017

Chestnuts and Cabbage at Clover I ate this in the last gasps of last December, too late to include...

0 Comment / Dec 28, 2017

Top Vets

"But what of restaurants with staying power, with pedigree, with a noble history? The truth is, they...

0 Comment / Dec 18, 2017

Comings & Goings

Dear readers & restaurants...

The new year marks 25 years I’ve written a weekly restaurant column. Twenty of those I was the Ottawa...

8 Comments / Jan 04, 2018

Rodriguez opens Orto

I had lunch, last week, at Orto Trattoria, chef René Rodriguez' new restaurant, and I'm looking forward...

0 Comment / Dec 13, 2017

Opening: Sawision's Stofa

Have to admit, I'm pretty stoked for this place. Jason Sawision, chef de cuisine at Atelier restaurant...

0 Comment / Aug 18, 2017

Gold Medal Plates

A Gold Medal Plates first!

With Toronto's Gold Medal Plates now behind us (the final culinary showdown in the eleven city run)...

0 Comment / Nov 21, 2017

Ottawa Gold Medal Plates 2017

The twelfth annual Canadian culinary road trip known as Gold Medal Plates rolled into Ottawa last...

0 Comment / Nov 10, 2017

Here are your competing chefs, Ottawa/Gatineau!

The twelfth annual Gold Medal Plates culinary showdown is coming to our town on November 9th. The cross-country...

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Anne Away

Portuguese Treats in Montreal

The heart of the Portuguese community in Montreal is still found in a few square blocks from avenue des Pins...

0 Comment / Dec 05, 2017

Food life in the Fez Medina

From the Spring issue of Taste & Travel Magazine, a piece on navigating the Fez Medina.

0 Comment / May 15, 2017

Stellenbosch and the Cape Winelands

I travelled to Cape Town for the wedding of my niece Claire. And then headed to the Cape Winelands to cap off the holiday....

0 Comment / Aug 08, 2016